Dragon and the Butterfly

by Rachel Shields



Dragon and the butterfly was recorded with some dear brothers, Ziko Hart (hang drum), Jeremiah Johnson (guitar/chimes) and Wompy (water drum) while in North Queensland....

we had fun getting to know one another through playing music together and sharing our creativity.....

The song itself was written a year on the anniversary of my mothers passing.... I was beginning to reveal new sounds from within myself and using music as a therapeutic resource to re-channel my grief and sense of loss of my dearest friend and guide.....

As far as the words go, I used to have a butterfly tattooed on my chest above my heart, it reflected continual transformation of my inner world.... the Dragon represents the seemingly larger things in life that we choose, or find ourselves carrying.

If we had a butterfly and a Dragon flying side by side one another it may seem that the Dragon has more power, yet; if you have ever sat and watched a butterfly fly, you would know how agile a butterfly is in the face of wind and rain. This agility proves to be a strength in itself.

it is a song of polarity offering a midpoint, this midpoint being the heart.

Another journey of which each listener will experience their own connections according to where they are listening from...........


released May 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Rachel Shields Melbourne, Australia

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