Stay True

by Rachel Shields



Stay True was inspired through a conversation with Dulguburra Yidinji Elder of North Queensland after a tsunami washed across Indonesia.....

The conversation fueled my creativity to face the fact of knowing we are all equal, especially in the face of the transition known as death.

Through the elder's I felt into the Lore of being in balance and acknowledging through our actions; the responsibility we each are born with as Participants upon the Earth........

The Song has a mid section of spoken word that came through while sleeping in the forest...... the words were loud and I could not rest Until I wrote them down.....

As a recording, the song and words are woven together to become "Stay True" a song that unfolded almost by indirect intention, yet has a powerful statement that pertains to us all on some level of our being.

Unless of course, you don't actually live on the Planet we know as Earth.......... (-:


released May 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Rachel Shields Melbourne, Australia

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